How to use K+ Drip Coffee Bags


Directions for how to use our K+ Easy Pour Over Drip Coffee Bags:

 1. Remove drip coffee filter bag from packaging and tear open at top.

          Smile, you’re almost there!

K+ Drip coffee bag step 1

2. Pull the paper hangers away from filter and hang over a cup

High five yourself!

K+ Drip Coffee Bag step 2

3. Add boiled water- we recommend 150ml water for each 10g bag

Get ready for glory!

K+ Drip coffee bag direction

4. Leave the filter to soak for up to 3 minutes depends on your brewing preference

Pause and think about your awesomeness!

Drip Coffee Bags UK K+


5. Remove filter bag and enjoy K+ Coffee!



Try it for yourself -  SHOW ME COFFEE!

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