What's so GOOD about K+ Drip Coffee Bags?


Better than Instant coffee! 

Each K+ Drip Coffee Bag is packed with 100% Arabica ground coffee, sealed in with 100% Nitrogen immediately after grinding for ultimate coffee aroma and freshness! 

Easier than grinding beans!

Carrying your coffee machine/grinder/capsule machine etc. etc. around with you to ensure the most delicious and fresh cup possible simply isn't feasible, and coffee shop price can be steep! K+ has the simple solution: just open the packet, pour hot water in and Boom! The finest fresh coffee to enjoy right in your hands. Great for the outdoors and camping trips!

K+ Drip Coffee Bag UK

Cleaner tasting coffee than traditional coffee bag!

K+ Drip Coffee Bags filters coffee properly, without leaving residues in your mug, giving you a clean tasting clear cup of aromatic coffee to enjoy! Plus - You get more coffee! Each of our drip coffee bags is packed with 10 grams of Arabica coffee, compare to the usual 7- 8 grams coffee bags on the market.

k+ coffee bag uk


Browse our Drip Coffee Bags Here and try for yourself, happy sipping! :)

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