Drip Coffee Bags?

K+ Easy Pour Over Drip Coffee Bags UK


At K+ Coffee, we know how crucial that first (and second, and third, and fourth...) cup of coffee is when it comes to getting through your workday, and we've dedicated ourselves to making it easier for you to do.

Carrying your coffee machine around with you to ensure the most delicious and fresh cup possible simply isn't feasible, but don’t worry! K+ has the simple solution: just open the packet, pour hot water in and Boom! The finest fresh coffee to enjoy right in your hands.

Our clever little filter bag is so good, each of them is individually packed with 100% freshly roasted arabica coffee beans from wonderful origins around the world, and because roasted coffee beans goes stale within 30 minutes after grinding, each packet is filled with 100% Nitrogen immediately after grinding to seal in that ultimate fresh coffee aroma.

And we understand how much hard work the coffee farmers have to put in to grow the perfect beans, that’s why we carefully select and roast our beans, then only use the correct grind size, this means we don’t grind our beans extra finely to over extract flavour and save on costs! So you can just enjoy a clear cup of fresh tasting coffee. Every time.


So that’s 100% Arabica, 100% Nitrogen, 100% Love, all from K+.




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