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K+ Easy Pour-Over Drip Coffee Filter Bag

The K+ Coffee Solution: just open the packet, pour hot water in and Boom! The finest fresh coffee to enjoy right in your hands!


⭐️ 100% Single Origin Arabica Coffee

⭐️ Place of Origin: Colombia

⭐️ Flavour notes of caramel, chocolate and nuts

⭐️ Light to medium roasted coffee

A medium roast coffee, this premium Drip Filter Coffee bring a classic coffee taste without being too overpowering.

Arabica based, the coffee features a full and robust flavour with slightly sweet notes of decadent caramel, smooth chocolate and a nutty finish that tastes perfect on its own or paired with your favourite milk and creamers.

This coffee is sourced from Colombia and packed in 100% nitrogen to ensure its freshness on its way to you.

About our Easy Pour Over Drip Coffee Bags:

Our clever little Drip Filter Coffee Bag is so good, each of them is individually packed with 100% freshly roasted arabica coffee beans from wonderful origins around the world, and because roasted coffee beans go stale within 30 minutes after grinding, each packet is filled with 100% Nitrogen immediately after grinding to seal in that ultimate fresh coffee aroma.


K+ Drip Coffee Bag User Directions:

1, Remove drip coffee filter bag from packaging and tear open at the top. Smile, you’re almost there!

2, Pull the paper hangers away from filter and hang over a cup. High five yourself!

3, Add boiled water- we recommend 150ml water for each 10g bag. Get ready for glory!

4, Leave the filter to soak for up to 3 minutes depends on your brewing preference. Pause and think about your awesomeness!

5, Remove filter bag and enjoy K+ Coffee!