Rio Decaf

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The Rio Decaf 

Decaffeinated Specialty Coffee Beans from K+ Coffee!


⭐️ 100% Single-Origin Specialty Arabica

⭐️ Swiss-Water Process, 100% Chemical-Free Decaf!

⭐️ Ethically Sourced from Brazil

⭐️ Full-bodied & Smooth Tasting, with notes of Dark Chocolate

⭐️ Medium to Dark Roast Coffee


Decaf coffee can be rich and delicious too!

Our Rio Decaf beans are 100% Chemical-Free decaffeinated coffee, the Swiss-Water decaffeination process ensures 99.9% Caffeine is Removed from the beans and retains its best flavour profile.

These decaf beans are Single Origin, sourced from Brazil- one of the largest coffee producer which ensures the coffee is smooth and consistent throughout the year. You can use this coffee through the espresso machine and we can grind this for you for easy use.

This coffee is Full-Bodied, Smooth Tasting with notes of Dark Chocolate. Enjoy any time of the day without the jitters!


P.S. Fresh beans are the best! But if you are ordering Ground instead of Beans, we grind all our beans Fresh to Order before dispatch.

Happy sipping :)