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K+ Easy Pour-Over Drip Coffee Filter Bag

The K+ Coffee Solution: just open the packet, pour hot water in and Boom! The finest fresh coffee to enjoy right in your hands!


⭐️ 100% Single Origin Arabica Coffee

⭐️ Sourced from Ethiopia, the home of coffee

⭐️ Flavour profile of butter, cocoa and vanilla

⭐️ Medium to dark roast


Within these Premium Ethiopian Drip Coffee Bags, a traditional blend of tasting notes is waiting to grace your taste buds and get you ready for your day.

The coffee in the pour-over coffee filters features a decadent and rich flavour profile with a buttery taste and feel as its base. Hints of smooth, slightly sweet vanilla and bold cocoa round out the taste of this medium to dark roast coffee.


About our Easy Pour Over Drip Coffee Bags:

Our clever little Drip Filter Coffee Bag is so good, each of them is individually packed with 100% freshly roasted arabica coffee beans from wonderful origins around the world, and because roasted coffee beans go stale within 30 minutes after grinding, each packet is filled with 100% Nitrogen immediately after grinding to seal in that ultimate fresh coffee aroma.


K+ Drip Coffee Bag User Directions:

1, Remove drip coffee filter bag from packaging and tear open at the top. Smile, you’re almost there!

2, Pull the paper hangers away from filter and hang over a cup. High-five yourself!

3, Add boiled water- we recommend 150ml water for each 10g bag. Get ready for glory!

4, Leave the filter to soak for up to 3 minutes depends on your brewing preference. Pause and think about your awesomeness!

5, Remove filter bag and enjoy K+ Coffee!